How many times a day?

Lina • Proud wife to James & Mama of Laila Jamie, “LJ” our 🌈👶 👨‍👩‍👧💜

This is purely for my own sincere curiosity so it’s not to shame or hurt anyone’s body physically or emotionally i just wanted to know if I was the only one curious. I used to have a bathroom scale. Before I had my daughter... years ago when I thought stupidly that my appearance meant so much more than it did. I don’t have one anymore but I was just thinking awesome I dropped some of my baby weight but not enough. Then I thought hmmmm I’ll go get another scale and keep more of a journal or at least take my weight more often to be motivated. Then my mind told me not to. Like getting one would put too much stress on me mentally because everyday you would SEE the numbers and feel down about it. So ladies... those of you that have bathroom scales... how many times a day/week do you check your weight? Stupid question to ask but it got me thinking that maybe it could help but maybe it would do the opposite with my postpartum anxiety/depression. In addition to that can you comment how old you are and anything else you find helpful. Thanks!