Depression(?) advice!

So my best friend is constantly battling with depression. It seems to get worse in September / October and in January (possible SAD trigger?) . Last year she was close to start hurting herself, had lots of suicidal thoughts.

She has been on / off antidepressants pretty much all her adult life (10ish years) they seem to get stronger/bigger doses but with short lived impacts.

It started to hit her hard again now,so she went to her gp and she got more pills 🤦🏽‍♀️

Now, shouldn’t they check why her hormones are so unbalanced all the time? Like they are treating her symptom but not the real issue?

I personally think there is more than depression. Like:

✔️She’s very restless. It’s like a roller coaster to sleep next to her. This is what her fitbit shows about her sleep (pink is awake time even if she cannot remember that)

✔️ she’s really unorganised. We both worked in a place where you had lots of paperwork todo. Unless someone was constantly checking on her where she’s at, she wouldn’t notice she’s behind until a major check. BUT she would always be working on it and tried her best to stay on top of it.

✔️She talks non stop and her mind is ALWAYS racing. She would start talking about one thing and finish talking about completely unrelated topic all the time.

✔️She makes lots of careless mistakes / hardly listens to other people and even if she tries to, she forget it very quickly (bit like goldfish here)

✔️She tried to pass her driving test for over a year. She hates focusing on things for too long (like driving needs your mental engagement 100% of the time) and gives up on things very easily.

✔️she’s tired all the time

✔️most of the time she behaves if she’s on the ninth cloud, in her own little world.

✔️she doesn’t smoke,drinks (apart of occasional glass of 🍷) or use illegal drugs.

Despite all this I love her, just the way she is 💙

And while I don’t want to change her, I have a feeling that all this might be something more serious/ complicated than depression( that depression is a side effect, not main issue).

I am petrified I might lose her sooner than I should if she wont get proper help soon! 😰

Have you been across something like this?

I don’t want to get across insensitive in any way. If I did, please forgive me, not here to look for a fight!