Can someone please help me, I can't eat or drink anything

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I've had this problem for years. It comes and goes, I'll say these "sick spells" last for 2-3 weeks then will be gone and come back a few months later.

Everytime I even take a SIP of something, juice, water, milk, anything, literally after 2-3 sips, i get intense sharp pains all through my abdomen that make me bend over in pain. It lasts for a few seconds then goes away. But it happens every 2-3 sips. I can't even drink a cup of water without feeling pain.

When i eat, i take 5 bites of something and I'll be full, even if i was just starving. And about 5-10 minutes after i eat i get the intense cramps that feel like super bad diarrhea cramps (sorry) and my stool is loose after every meal.

Eating and drinking is so painful for me i only eat 2 times a day because i can't be running to the bathroom every 10 minutes while im at work.

Ive been to so many doctors, they say im fine. I've gone gluten free, didn't help. Organic everything, didn't help. I've had my gallbladder removed and still nothing got better. Went lactose free, didn't help.

Please does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? My health is going down hill because i can't properly care for my body.