TTC Just Tested | Faint 2nd Line

So, my husband and I are TTC, I'm due to get my period tomorrow, according to my GLOW calendar but, wanted to take a test -- since it has been 2weeks since our last TTC "moment" πŸ˜‰ He's at work and I'm playing lab scientist did a test this morning, first tinkle of the day...and, now, trying to figure out the results. I have a 2nd line that isn't a bold as the 1st.

- Are my results indicating yes?

- Has anyone else used PARAID tests?

---- if yes, what are your thoughts?

- When's the best time to test, for accuracy.

I'm thinking my 2nd line is faint because I need to wait till my missed period for a stronger result?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! πŸ’•