In laws

Somebody tell me how in the hell you deal with shitty in laws. So my fiancé has 2 kids of his own from before me, my mother in law is an alcoholic so she’s not allowed to keep the kids and/or be alone with them because she’s been caught driving with them in the car several times. She has HATED me since day one for absolutely no reason.

The younger baby is almost 2 and we wanted to put him in daycare a couple days a week so he can get some of the interactions and skills he needs. I made a post on fb asking for recommendations for daycares, the grandmother who keeps the younger boy all the time THREW A FIT and accused me of trying to play mom and accused me of keeping the kids from their family when I am not family and called me every name in the book along with my MIL best friend whom I’ve never met.

On top of this all, I’m pregnant. And I’m dreading bringing a baby into this. He says we can cut them all off and be ok and not associate. But I feel that will make things worse and I cannot find it in my heart to keep him away on holidays or something because they are hateful to me. Like I was in tears yesterday because I do nothing wrong but take care of my stepsons and I was called every name in the book.

His mother is not allowed in my house at ALL. Before we got a house I’d come to his parents house where he stayed, late after class at night and he’d make me something to eat and she got mad I was eating her food. She got mad at hearing me talk to my step son. She hates me for nooooooo reason. I just don’t know what to do at this point, I’m not positive I can marry into this.