Unhappy with my job

I recently started to work at a chemical store, they sell things like (bleach, fabuloso, powder soap, liquid soap, fabric softner, chlorine powder etc)

Today is my 5 day working there and am sure that tomorrow will be my last cause after i get my pay i wont go back.

They let me alone work at the store for 10 hours from 8am to 6pm without a lunch break because its me alone and i cant leave the permises. And the pay rate is 50 dollars a week.. $50 FREAKING DOLLARS A WEEK FOR 10 FREAKING HOURS A DAY.

And make it worst i live 22 minutes away and i gotta take taxi and sometimes taxi is hard to get.

Wednesday morning i cried so hard because i got to go to work.. and another bad thing is that my boss wants me.

Yes thats right.. MY FREAKING BOSS IS A PREVERT. i am 18 years old and he's in his 40. And he has a lovely wife and two beautiful daughter who is 7years old and 5months old.

He told me that it will be a secret and he wants me to think about it and how much he would buy mi anything. He was quizing me on how much i know the prices and the bottle sizes and when i got them all right he hugs me and kiss me on my freaking neck. I felt gross the whole day at work.

Beware that each morning i come to work my boss is there then he leaves at 8:15.

I told my boyfriend everything because we live together and he said that i should just finish the week and collect my pay and tell the boss that i wont be working there anymore.