Is Airport body scanner safe for pregnant?

Okay, so I'll be taking a plane this coming Sunday for a short vacation. I'm 14weeks pregnant and got worried about body scanner xray at the airport. I met a friend earlier and suddenly inform me to have certificate from my doctor to show at the airport for exemption in passing the scanner. I never thought of it and my doctor also didn't say anything the time I asked if I could take a plane. I told my husband about it but he just told me to show the mommy booklet. Will that be consider? I also googled about airport xray and it says the radiation is mild that it wont do any harm to our body nor to the unborn child. But still it bothers me 😢 There are more or less 5 scanners to pass by and even with mild radiation if you pass by too many times, isn't it harmful???. Please advice, thanks.