Rudest thing someone could say


My HR rep (yes, Hr!!) Just saw me with me walk by her with a plate of food at our work BBQ and gawked and laughed and said "OMG I forgot you were pregnant and just thought 'Wow, she got huge!!' "

HOW ON EARTH IS THAT AN APPROPRIATE THING TO SAY TO A HUMAN BEING?!?! Pregnant or not, "Wow, you got huge" is TERRIBLE!! Especially when your also implying that I dont look pregnant, I look like I just gained wait. I'm 33 weeks... there is no question at this point that it's a baby bump. Have I gained weight in places besides the belly, sure! But you cant say that to someone!!

Also... what does she mean she forgot I was pregnant!?! I was literally emailing her on Tuesday with maternity leave benefits questions.

OK, rant over.