My vag still hurts and we didn’t even get it in?

I’m 25 and a virgin by choice but tonight I went with the flow of things and it was going well till we decided to actually attempt having sex, it was great while we were rubbing his dick against me but when he went to put it in, we couldn’t get it in, I wasn’t wet enough, he wasn’t hard enough (as I had already given him head and made him cum, 40 minutes prior), and we didn’t have lube or a condom as it wasn’t planned. I felt the tip go in but I’m not entirely sure if it did (the tip). It was super painful, didn’t feel good at all.

Anyway, went I got home, there was a few drops of blood/pinkish/red discharge on my panty liner and I’m not sure if that means I broke my hymen or whether it was because he tried forcing it in? It’s been nearly 6 hours since and my vagina still hurts a little, nothing unbearable, it’s just slightly uncomfortable, like I can feel the exact spot where we tried putting it in, it feels ‘pierced’.

Sorry if I sound naive but I’m not trolling, I’m just confused and need some insight as to what actually happened and why my vagina hurts if the tip didn’t even make it inside?