Is this normal


Hey guys I know anything could throw your period off track but. My periods come every month on time. Wether it’s a day before or a day after but usually spot on. Well this one came a day late, ( which is normal for me ) and it was heavy the first day, second day kinda heavy but my boyfriend and I had sex ( I know TMI lol ) and it was still kinda heavy medium and the day after a little medium throughout the day and then went to yesterday and today I barely even see anything unless I wipe. And when I wipe it’s barely anything that normal for someone who always has regular periods ? I’m also TTC, I’m not gone give my hopes up. I just want to see what my glow buddies think. It’s like my period is over now when I wipe it’s just brown and kinda pinkish red but not dark and not a lot at all.