Had sex at 37 weeks and 6 days

I'm not actually with my baby daddy. But we hung out last night for a few hours and I'm weird. I don't sleep around. And I'm not entirely over him. And I wouldn't sleep with just a stranger. He's familiar I feel safe. And I guess I am carrying his child. Anyways. I took a huge chance and kissed him and before I knew it we were having some hot and heavy car sex. Yes. We were in the car. And not a huge one either. He's 6'5 And husky. I'm 5'7 And all belly. And we made it work. Somehow. It was amazing. The only hard part was getting back off of him because I couldn't really pull up my own weight. But he's big and strong and we managed. I guess I'm a little concerned as to if it'll stimulate labour? I feel fine this morning. And haven't had any spotting.