Do you need a church but you can’t get to one?


Since I have been on <a href="">Nurture</a> I have talked to so many young girls and women who desperately want and need God but for some reason they cannot get their bodies into a Bible-based church. Whether it’s because of the distance between them and the church or they don’t have transportation or whatever. If this is you I want you to know that I have started a blog so that you can receive some of the blessings that I get from my church and my Bible studies.

Please take a look to see what I mean. My posts are chocked full of Bible verses, wisdom and prayers.

All are welcome. If you’re interested here is my blog and feel free to comment.

If you’re not interested that’s just fine and I will not reply to you.

God bless you greatly!


My URL is now on my profile so you can click it!

Please share.