Endo and dx lap

Hello ladies.

I have never posted but I wanted to provide insight for those who look forward to those relate-able postings as a source of information. I discovered I have endo the hard way, but maybe I always had symptoms I just chalked it up to IBS? Regardless, infertility is a long, miserable journey and for those just starting, here was my timeline.

Doc basically says here’s 15 things to do (if you want) to rule out possible problems

A crap ton of blood work (not all docs do this, do your research)

HSG - take Motrin as prescribed. If your tubes are not patent or if you have a narrow cervix (possibly from a leep or cryo) the catheter insertion might not go smoothly either. The dye itself is nothing more than pressure. Again, unless there is a blockage and can be a temporary but painful sensation but tolerable and short lived for the reward of knowing.

Endo biopsy - very crampy as they biopsy a piece of your uterus (still not convinced I even needed this for the record)

Post coital- do your research and form your own opinion : )

Hysteroscopy- less painful than I expected but we’re all different

Diagnostic laparoscopy- There is a lot of controversial evidence based research/practice regarding this. Do your research! If you don’t know you have endo, you could find it and treat it, but it doesn’t necessarily go away and do the risks outweigh the benefit? What if it’s stuck to your bowel, intestines? Google it all! Educate yourself. No surgery is basic, but yes can be routine. Look into scarring and further adhesions related to treatment. I prefer not to share my experience, as I hate those who don’t think their course could negatively impact ones decision making. But I don’t know if I would do it, if you asked me again today. If you suffer daily from endo or have benefitted from a lap, you may have a different view on this and that is fine. Will having a “look see” benefit your next step, is what you have to answer? Will is unearth some mind shattering discovery that will change your plan at all? For me, it did not and ultimately what they found unfortunately still is leading to <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a> and my risk outweighed my benefit.

The HSG is most beneficial IMO bc if it is a tube issue and both are not patent, <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a> might not be in the cards. Therefore you know what you are up against...well kinda.

I am not a doctor and this post is based on personal experience and is not meant to sway your decision making. I just have benefitted from personal experience and open dialogue and wanted to share. Baby dust to you all, as we still are on our journey to conceive.