TTC When it comes time, how to tell parents?

Elizabeth • 😍💕 7.20.19 Ella Marie made me a mommy ❤️

We are currently TTC with my hubby as of recently, so we’ll see when that happens.. lol

But when it DOES, I’m trying to think of how to tell my parents.

It’ll be exciting but I won’t be the first as far as grandkids go..

I’m the Ours in a Yours Mine & Ours family (all of my siblings are half siblings from their previous marriages).

Both my Mom and Dad have grandchildren already through their own kids, but mine kids will be the first grand baby that is biologically both theirs!

I’ve seen some announcements that are “The best parents get promoted to grandparents” but technically they’re both already grandparents 🙈

My mom is so level headed but I’d love for her to freak out with excitement that her only biological daughter (and not just step daughter or daughter in law) is pregnant!

Any great ideas on how to tell them when it comes time??

I would love ideas!!