The week from hell

Megan • mama to 2 furbabies and the most perfect baby boy 💙

I just need to ramble because my,boyfriend is tired of me whining about it lol. Wednesday I woke up from a nap and was bleeding heavily enough my ob recommended the emergency room. We went, doctor did bloodwork and an abdominal ultrasound then sent us home with no answers. The next day I woke up coughing so bad I started losing my voice (yay respiratory infections!) and still kinda bleeding but it was much lighter. So today i saw one of the obs at the office i go to and he did the pelvic exam the ED doctor didn't do and told me i had a threatened miscarriage. I have an ultrasound Monday to make sure everything looks okay too. So I'm just sitting here coughing my lungs up and hoping rhe cramping stops and that I don't start bleeding heavily again 😪

On the plus side, they said baby is doing good and they got them on the Doppler today at 150 so that's good! I'm just trying not to stress since that'll make it worse.