2 weeks post miscarraige

I'll keep this as short as possible. After plenty of time being home and able to grieve the loss of my baby at 10 weeks. I'm ready to jump back on the horse. I'm not full blown trying but I am getting busy around ovulation! Predicted ovulation for today. And lemme say I'm hoping that bomb dick I got last night had some lucky swimmers. Lmao. Back to taking prenatals and gradually increasing my workouts per day. Time to get heathly myself to house a heathly baby. 🤞🤞🤞 I went to sleep asking angels to make that the baby dance, and woke up feeling oddly hopeful. Y'all ever really hope and pray just to get your hopes up. Yeah it's what I'm trying not to do. Send me all the baby dust in the world, but help me keep these hopes to a minimal if they don't happen😂