Mastitis again!


This is the second time I’ve gotten a clogged milk duct. The first time while I was pregnant. Now I’m 4 weeks postpartum and haven’t breastfed for almost 3 weeks(latch and milk supply issues. My baby was losing too much weight). All was well until day before yesterday when I found a sore spot. It’s not full blown mastitis yet, but I’m unsure how to properly take care of it, without stimulating myself to start making more milk again(if that makes since. Even when I was breastfeeding and would get “engorged” I could never pump nor feed enough to make my baby happy and full. They say in order to dry yourself up completely you have to keep from touching your boobs at all and no stimulation. So the last thing I want is to start making milk again while trying to get rid of this knot and going into the cycle of getting engorged(if this is making sense lol). Any tips? Do I just have to do the compresses and massages? Thanks in advance!