HELP‼️ Bleeding a lot while getting fingered


Ok so yesterday me and my bf were messing around , making out & a lot of hand stuff, He ate me out a bit then started fingering me like crazzy like he was just going ham, and then he stopped and we were about to have sex, and he looks at his hand and theres blood all over it !! :(

And I'm thinking / i tell him i probably started my period early, My period is supposed to come in about a week. So we go to the bathroom to clean up. I wipe and theres blood, not HELLLAAA blood, but also not just spotting. Like its a fair amount of blood. So i just clean myself up, put on a pad and then go back to bed with him and watch movies and stuff.

Later in the day, i go out with some friends, and before i leave, I go to change my pad, And im not bleeding at ALL, like the pad is 99% empty, and it had been on for at least a few hours. I dont think That much of it, then i get home another few hours later, and its 100% empty. No blood whatsoever!!

So im kinda freaked but i change it anyway and put on a panty liner instead. This morning, I find just a tiny bit of blood in it.

So at this point i'm officially freaked out. I took a shower and put on some sweats with nothing else on under (no underwear either), and i checked rn and still no blood.

I'm wondering Why did i bleed so much the one time, then stop, and bleed again only a tiny bit?? Did my bf cut or scratch me when he was fingering me? He was going pretty rough, but i feel no pain or discomfort , so i dont know.

Also why did it stop and come back later :/

I looked it up and spotting seems to be normal? But its never happened to me, Also with the first blood it wasnt just a few spots.

I also saw it could possibly be an std or sti, But ive only been with 3 people (including my bf) , all without protection. The 1st was a virgin, 2nd idk, and my bf was a virgin also.

Still, i'm scared of the possibility of it being from a past partner????? Idk im just kinda parinoid rn, also idk what im talking about, just the thought of possibly having an std scares me afff

I dont think i should go to a doctor yet, and i dont have insurance or anything....

I'm only 18 so im not exactly sure what to do so im just looking for some advice / guidance ?? Thanks !!