Relationship after baby


Hi Ppl,

It’s been months since me and my husband had a good talk on anything. After my first baby who is an year old now I have become more impatient and aggressive. I get so exhausted with the household work and get no tym for my self. My husband do help me with taking my baby out for walk for an hour or so . But I feel that’s not enough. My friends husband wake up early morning help them with household work n do other stuff too. That’s not it. I feel my relationship with my husband is not good forget about better. After baby we have no tym for each other. I feel there is no communication between us . Since he need sleep so he sleeps in other room .

Basically , I am not happy with how our relationship is going.

Is this common after first baby or is it not normal.

Somehow not happy . I feel he should help me little more . Wen I say. Need to go to gym then he says baby doesn’t not sit with me wen u go and don’t go for more than n hour. That also makes me feel bad that wen I need sometime for myself , he should take care of baby then.

And then he says he need one more baby 😒