Update on last minute appointment

Cera • 26. Minnesota. 💏 Mama to Owiyokipi Win 4/5/19. Breastfeeding FTM. 🤱🏽 💞 👶🏾

I had the worst experience today. If you seen my other post I went into the clinic today because I was worried about my symptoms subsiding so quickly. Because it was so last minute I had to see a different doctor and she was THE WORST. I have so much anxiety and fears from my last miscarriage and she didn’t help at all. She basically stared at me and was just like “it doesn’t look like anything is wrong.” Even though she didn’t do any testing, no labs, nothing. I met with her for less than 5 minutes and finally I was just done. She didn’t even offer any kind of support or advice. I cried in my car because I was so overwhelmed and frustrated. I just want some kind of peace of mind that my baby is ok. 😓