8 days late but negative tests!???


So to start my last period was on 8/14. My cycle is every 29 days like clockwork! Like seriously, I have never in my life been late. It is now 9/21 (8 days late, almost 9) and have had 5 negative hpt, last taken today. I went to the Dr 2 days ago for a hcg quantitative blood test and got a call saying that was negative. I did have unprotected sex where he came in me on the 25th and 27th of August.

But I don’t feel any different at all really? I really know my body well and can usually tell when I’m getting my period but I haven’t noticed any pms signs, or signs of pregnancy. The ONLY things I notice is maybe a little more hungry than normal, my stomach is bubbling a lot, I’m a little more emotional, but in a happy way not sad, and I have a lot of white creamy discharge, but honestly that’s the only thing I can notice. Would it be too early to have the normal early pregnancy symptoms?

I’m just curious if anyone has been through a similar experience? I’m only 24 and my ex an I aren’t in the best place (obviously cause he’s my ex 😂) but at the same time I read of all these women getting false negatives until they are like 5 months pregnant and I would want to take care of a baby and myself responsibly if I am. Any advice??