I’m so broken

So I’ve been with my now ex-fiancé for a little while. When we first met he was charming, sweet, protective. I thought he was my soulmate. But when I moved in with him it’s like a switch flipped. He started hitting me, unnecessarily and excessively spanking my daughter, wouldn’t let me hang out with or talk to friends, I couldn’t wear makeup or certain clothing and couldn’t have social media on my phone. After a busted hand, head, more bruises and fights than I can count and him busting 5 of my phones...I finally had enough. I messaged a family member and let her know what was going on and she offered to let me stay with her. I was set to leave Tuesday, the day after our brand new cabin was set to arrive. My parents called me and told me they were coming to get me tonight. I left and Y’all I have never felt more broken. I don’t understand why I feel like the shitty one when he was the one in the wrong. This guy literally brainwashed me to think everything was always my fault and I was supposed to do anything to make him happy. Like my life just feels shattered. Now instead of being a stay at home mom and us building our little cabin together and our life, I’m going to be a single parent all over agin. I feel like o can’t do this. I still love him and I don’t understand why.