Idk I just need to tell someone about this


So there was this very fit and attractive guy who confess to me and well I had told him a long time ago I had told him what i felt for him during that time and he didnt say anything and he came back like a month ago and thats when he told me that he had a crush on me and liked me and like I week ago he asked me out and I said yes and today without breaking up with me he went back with his ex and posted all over social media asked him of they were back together and he said yeah hope we can still be friends haha how funny is that. Actully been with him yeah it was cute but I started getting so insecure about me im a fat chick and been with him didn't feel good about my body. And know im like I'm so dumb for thinking a guy like him would be interested on a girl like me 😰😰 idk Im just not really liking me right now.