[Birth Story] Repeat Cesarean, Unfit For Vbac


Not much of a story. The cesarean story is in the 2nd paragraph.

My handsome little guy was born on Monday, September 17th. He was a scheduled repeat cesarean at 40+4. I was trying for a vbac, but I was not a good candidate in the end. My cervix was still thick, and I didn't qualify for any induction my doctor could do. We went as far as we could, and at my 40 week appointment we scheduled his entrance date. There were no complications with my entire pregnancy, even though I gained a ton of weight. 🤷‍♀️ it's just something that happens when i'm pregnant. The only thing that happened was a placenta previa that resolved on its own. I got to experience a lot of firsts with this pregnancy, and it's my 3rd one. I actually dialated, only to a 1 but still dialated. I experience Braxton Hicks, I never had that with my other two. Real contractions!! I was excited for that one. I had to be induced with my other two. I lost pieces of my mucous plug! My first was induction at 40+3 due to a water leak and he was born at 40+4. My second, my water broke at 39 weeks. Still had to be induced, but he turned sideways and wound up having to be cesarean.

On to the main topic. I was extremely devastated I would never get to have my vbac. I panicked after scheduling the cesarean. I did not want it. We arrived at 11 a.m. to finish things up and get an iv started. They used a huge needle, and I tried telling them that it wouldn't work, but they didn't listen. Got the iv in place. Then I guess I was high risk for possible blood necessity, so they wanted to do a second iv. I got stuck 5 times before that decided to stop. And once again, I told them it can't be a huge needle. They don't stay in. I finish talking with everyone on the team and answering questions. At 1 p.m. they took me to get prepped. I was scared of the epidural. I had one terrible experience, and it traumatized me. The anaesthesia lead was just getting the line in my back, and was called to an emergency. So he had to take it out and stop what he was doing. Someone else took over. I wound up getting stuck 3 times in the back. They waited way too long to lay me down after inserting the epidural. I'm not light either. They're telling me to move, and I couldn't move. Immediately after being hooked onto the monitors they said something and told me to lean to the right so they could put something under my back. I thought it was normal. Apparently not. They immediately started calling for the doctor and everyone to come in stat. Apparently my baby boy didn't like the anesthesia, and his heart rate was dropping. My scheduled cesarean almost turned into an emergency. They were able to get his heart back up and everything went back to normal.

At 1:44 p.m. on September 17th, Kasen Louis was born. He weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Not even 30 seconds being detached from me, he pooped all over the heating area 😂

He is perfect. No problems except weight, but i'm trying to EBF and my supply just came in yesterday.

Here he is at 4 days old.