4 straight days

Amber • Mom of 1 beautiful daughter, TTC #2 for 14 years

I have had 4 days of blazing positive ovulation tests, normally it's 1 day and the next it's negative and my temps rise the next morning, CD 19 my temp dropped from 96.8 which is my normal before ovulation temps to 95.8 which it was freezing in my house that night, and then back up to 96.8 the next night, which is where it's been holding,. My period was Sept the second, I normally ovulate CD 18 or CD. 20. Idk what is going on. Have any of you ever had positives for 4 days straight?

CD 20

CD 21

CD 22

I don't have a pic of CD 19 because I had already deleted it off my phone...