Babies eating meat


I’ve recently started to feed my 9&1/2 month old meats. She seems more interested in some than others. For instance she seems a lot more interested in turkey sausage than hamburger meat 🤷🏻‍♀️ the thing is though when she’s eating the meat she puts it in her mouth but it doesn’t seem like she’s swallowing it. She just packs her mouth full & hoards it in her cheeks. Will she just learn herself to swallow the meat on her own or is there anything i can do to encourage her to swallow it & not just hold it in her mouth for a while? I mean she eventually swallows some & is ok but it takes FOREVER. I usually try to give her a sippy cup with water (we are trying to learn how to drink from a sippy) & she might get some water in her mouth to “wash” down the food with but I’m not even sure she’s drinking any water.

Any recommendations on how to get her to eat different textures better like hamburger meat & scrambled eggs?