I don’t know where this goes.

Recently my boyfriend and I were having troubles in our relationship. I wasn’t the best at handling things so I would say we should just break up and he would tell me no we’re going to fix things. Last month we did however took a break and during that break my church pastor had asked to speak to me we were just talking about school and then he asked me about my boyfriend and I broke down crying. I was crying and just told him what happened well towards the end of the conversation he asked me if we had sexual relations and I started crying again and didn’t say anything but he knew. He told his wife. Now don’t get me wrong they didn’t judge me or get me in trouble or anything they genuinely want to help me but my problem is that they keep asking me if my mom knows. I DONT WANT TO TELL MY MOM! I don’t want to sit down and tell her I had sex before marriage I don’t want to tell her these things because she would be distraught and just be mad at me and probably hit me or idk. My mom isn’t very understanding. But my point is they keep pressing me about telling her. I am 20 years old I’ve been living for two decades and i don’t feel like I should tell my mom, I don’t feel comfortable telling her, I don’t want to bring this up to her and they just keep telling me I should. I’m not ready. I don’t know what to do and it’s causing me unbelievable stress and I hate it!