I got to photograph my own newborn!

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A little backstory. I did <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">ivf</a> two times to get my miracles babies. Each pregnancy I miscarried 1 baby around 6 weeks and carried the other until giving birth. My son was first and his pregnancy was hard but his labor even harder. Horrible treatment by my OB, he came 4 weeks early, & recovery was a nightmare. I had to be put under as no pain meds helped my contractions so had an emergency c section and had to wait 4 hours to meet and see my son. He had to then be in the NICU for 5 days and again I repeat recovery was horrible. I had major PTSD from his birth and was so scared I wouldn’t have a good experience with my next baby.

BUT I had my daughter a month ago and wow I got the birth I always deserved. Scheduled c section, hearing her first cry made me bawl my eyes out, & having my skin to skin time on the OR table was surreal.

One week after having her I was taking her first newborn photos in our front yard. I’ve been a photographer for years and was always so sad I couldn’t take some photos of my son on my own, but this time I sure could and I couldn’t believe how good I felt!

I just wanted to share some photos I got. My love for these humans is so big. God is so good to have blessed me like this!

One week old ☝🏻

Two weeks old ☝🏻

Three weeks old 👇🏻

3 1/2 weeks and by the grace of God o got this sibling shot.