I’m so scared 😱

Bria • Mother of three! 💖💖💙

So today I went in for my routine appointment today for my 36th week. My doctor went to check to see was I dilated. Well I wasn’t but she said he was so low like very low she believes my water will break any day now. I called a week prior to tell them I’m feeling so much discomfort and they brushed it off but now we know why. I’m excited to meet my lil guy but I’m so nervous 😬 I had everything planned out perfectly for my schedule c section on Oct 15. But my doctor said we might just have to bump my date up sooner depending how this next week go and if I can make it through this week. My bag is packed but I have two lil girls and I’m nervous about school and my husband a truck driver so I’m freaking out he won’t even be in town when and if my water breaks before the 15th ahhh!