After my husband lost his Grandpa in June due to Cancer, I lost my Grandma in August also from Cancer. This month was also my Grandma's birthday too. But also i saw a sign this month, about 2weeks and a half ago i was talking to my daughter and she was sitting down and i noticed a piece of hair on her legging she was wearing it strangely looked like a fetus in my head i was like OMG, is this my sign? I disnt take a picture because i didnt want my husband or her to look at me crazy well since that day on i was like this month is my month. And surely enough it is!!! I started getting my period on the 22nd of every month and this month on the <a href="">Glow app</a> said it would start on the 23rd, which i was like okay i'll just wait. Today 22nd, i was busy all morning because we were secretly doing my sister in law a dinner for her birthday well i come back and for some reason decided to test. I had a cheapie test came back vvvvvlf positive. Went down stairs and ask my brother if his gf can go and buy me a better one to confirm and tell my husband. Well i waited 3hours Digital came positive now to tell hubby in the morning. Sooooo excited. Been trying for about a year and a half now. I was shaking and so emotional. Baby dust to you all. Sorry for the long paragraph, but i feel so blessed after the loss my husband and i had this year. This bby is the Sun after all that storm.