I’ve recently started dating this guy and we’ve had sex twice. Both times we’ve used a condom. The first time was at a love hotel. I let him cum on me. We wiped it off my stomach, then I took a shower. We took a bath together after washing off. There was no intercourse in the bath. The second time was in my car. Again, we used a condom, but this time I let him cum inside of me. Nothing leaked out. I was supposed to get my period September 19th, but now it’s the 23rd and I still haven’t gotten it. My period is irregular, and has been forever. And just today I started to get really bad cramps, like normal. I’ve been feeling like my period is going to start. And I know myself. I’ve been getting snappy with my friends and easily irritated. I just wanna know my chances of being pregnant because I have bad anxiety and this isn’t helping my senior year. Should I worry?