Up just venting lol

Dominique • December 1st, 2018 ❣️ 7lbs 11oz of Pure Joy 😍 Dominic Jr. 🍼👶🏾

Its 6am, I've probably been up since 5am and Im having a rush of thoughts I just can't seem to get past one in particular:

Personally, (and its something I've been experiencing majority of my pregnancy) I feel as though its rude to tell a pregnant woman her belly is too small. Now I get most of the time its "too big" but hearing that make me feel insecure as if I'm not doing something right, or not eating enough (despite doc saying my lil one is fine😊) and this being my first pregnancy it it gets to me a little and with my baby shower coming up in a few weeks im even more worried I'll spend the day hearing it from even more people... Hopefully I'm "bigger" then😩