Boyfriend interrogating me 😯

Am I wrong? I didn't lie about anything but he says my story seems weird and he says things like "I give you one last chance to tell me the truth"

So I went to the club with my friend and as we were dancing there was this guy who kept looking at me and he finally came up to me and we danced. I admit it was a bit sexual with the grinding and him touching my stomach/thighs.

My friend hooked up with his friend who is his flatmate. Then we went to McDonald's to eat and my friend wanted to come back to their flat. At this time it was around 5 am. She didn't want to come there by herself so I came there as well.

I really didn't do anything with the guy I didn't even kiss him. But we did held hands when we were walking because it was cold.

They walked us back at around 7am and when I called my boyfriend he was not happy about it. He keeps saying my story doesn't make any sense and why would I come to another guy's flat. I told him because my friend doesn't want to be there by herself. He just says everything seems weird and shady and doesn't add up.

He goes to clubs too with his friends so he must know how it's like to be there.

Am I wrong? How do I convince him I'm not lying?

I'm 19 he's 21