My 30 week miracle!


At 28 weeks my water broke. I was sent to a bigger hospital with a NICU an hour and a half away. I stayed there for 2 weeks. At exactly 30 weeks I became septic and had an emergency c-section. At 1:49 am on September 3rd our sweet Winston was born. A few minutes later our precious baby stopped breathing. He was immediately put on a ventilator and taken to the NICU. We were terrified, we didn't know what the night had in store for our baby. This was the first time we got to see Winston.

The first few days were very hard for our baby boy. He also had an infection that caused him to have a lot of health issues. He was 4 days old when he came off of the vent. We were so proud of our baby boy! The same day we found out he had a brain bleed at birth, it was a stage 3 bleed. We're still unsure if it will cause any long term affects, but we have faith that our little fighter will be just fine!

The first time I held him was the most perfect moment. He's had a few setbacks, he was taken off oxygen and moved to an open crib, but he was having trouble keeping his body temperature up and dropping his oxygen levels and heart rate. He went back in the isolette first, 3 days ago he went back on oxygen. That was the hardest day I've had since being discharged from the hospital. Last night he was moved to an open crib again and should be off oxygen in the next few days. This is our sweet boy today.

God is so good! It's so hard to look at the pictures from his first few days or think about all the struggles he's faced, but doing so makes me realize how strong out preemies are. They are fighters and they don't give up. We are planning on finally having our family together in about a month. His daddy, big brothers and myself are beyond ready to have Winston home with us.