STM - All Natural Birth


Just thought I’d share my birth story 💙

Sweet Baby Boy born September 21st at 743am at 38weeks💙

My water started to break about 2am and I didn’t have immediate contractions. I waited a couple hours and rested....contractions started to pick up about 4. They were very mild but definitely more intense than the ones I had been experiencing earlier that week off and on.

I decided to go ahead and get a shower and get everything together. Had my mom come over to stay with my daughter and off we went!

We arrived at the hospital around 515.

We got checked in a my blood pressure was very high so they wanted to monitor me and baby boy ASAP! And start an iv for blood pressure meds if needed!

As they were asking me all the check in questions and trying to start iv my contractions started to become very very intense and close together! I had been previously dilated to5 so I assumed I was may be at a 6 or so. I told the nurse i suddenly was having pressure like I may need to push🤷🏼‍♀️ She looked shocked and decided to check me. I was in quite a bit of pain already and for a split second I doubted my all natural decision. BUT once she checked me and hearing I was already at an 8 I knew I could push through! Everyone was rushing around getting every thing ready while I was trying to breath through intense contractions with hardly any break in between! Trying to visualize the end result, praying for strength, and reminding myself constantly that I was made to do this💪🏽 helped me get to 10 and fully effaced within an little over an


My sweet boy made is way in to this word fast and furious ☺️

Moral of the story: You are made to do this💪🏽 and listen to your body! It knows what to do🙌🏼