School is hard and I'm a bad friend

I have barely been to school this year. I've made it to almost 3 days. If I don't go back tomorrow, then I'll get kicked out. I really want to go to school, but whenever I express why, my mom ignores me and tells me to suck it up and stop acting like a child. I'm only 16, and have been having so many mental health problems my entire life that my parents ignore. There are a lot of reasons I can't go back to school. I can't deal with classroom expectations from certain teachers, I don't feel like I fit in, and I am super depressed and anxious all the time. One of the worst things is that I am the president of my school's GSA, and I missed the first 2 meetings. I couldn't tell my friends I wouldn't be there because my parents disconnected my phone and basically took away my only form of communication with them. Then the day before the second meeting they reconnected my phone, but they took the entire phone away the day of. I didn't get it back until late that night, but my VP called and was having a panic attack because she didn't know what to do. That was Thursday, and I still haven't called back. I have to go back tomorrow, or else I'll get kicked out of school. I feel like such a terrible person, and I feel like no one's going to want me to go back after I put her through that. The entire time I've been missing school I've felt like my friends hate me. What's worse is that none of the adults in my life want to help or understand me. They all treat me like a lost cause and don't listen to me or what I want. They all think I don't want to get better and that I'm faking self harm/ being suicidal. I don't want to miss this week of school, because it's spirit week and homecoming, which is my favourite week out of the entire year, and it's my last one. I don't know what to do. I also feel like I'll never catch up with my classes.