Help: Successful napping tips for under 3months needed

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My son sleeps great at night with no issues being put down to sleep in his bassinet once he’s asleep but during the day it seems that the moment he’s asleep and I put him down in his bassinet so I can do something he wakes up 🙄 I have him napping in a lit room, should he be napping in a dark room? Should he be swaddled even during naps? He doesn’t wake up crying but I feel like it’s interrupting how much sleep he’s getting during the day. Sometimes he’s fussier at night before he goes down for the night but he’s almost always asleep between 9-11pm, then sleeps for anywhere between 5-7hrs. We use white noise which he loves, I’ll put it on for him just to see if that’ll help him nap better in his bassinet but so far it seems he only likes to nap during the day in my arms 😑 I love the cuddles but I need to get stuff done around the house and not to mention a decent nap myself lol