Running on fumes

Katie • My name is Kate and I just gave birth to our beautiful daughter February 17th 2016. She is our world and we couldn`t feel anymore blessed❤ I am currently pregnant with our July 2018 baby!

Moms with 2 or more I need your help. Im having a very hard time with my toddler and her acting out and to be honest Im no better. I get that this change of having her sister to share her time with is hard but, Im not sure how to get her on board. Shes constantly acting out and doing things she knows she shouldnt ( hitting, pinching, pulling babys hair, saying she doesnt like her or when I feed her ect) By the end of the day Im done...I have nothing left and my patients is gone. I hate that I look forward to her going to bed because there was a time when we enjoyed our night time routine and with how crazy things have gotten we have fallen away from it (I want to try to get back to it this week). I hate how I react and to be fair its just about as poor as het behavior. How do I help her? How should I react to her behaviors. I know shes only 2.5 but I need to lead by example and I cry just thinking Im failing at all this. Any advice or tips or books you can recommend would be great!