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Today, I took my first Letrozole (Femara) pill! It’s our first cycle with fertility help! I lost my son at 16 weeks this past May. After a new diagnosis, we decided to seek help. We had an appointment yesterday & it was perfect timing in my cycle for me to start the Letrozole today. As I was walking out of my home this afternoon, I see this BEAUTIFUL rainbow.

I’m hoping that this is our sign and that we will have our own rainbow on the way soon! 🌈 I promise to keep this post updated as my cycle goes on!!


On 10/15 I had my blood drawn to get my progesterone checked. Turns out I didn’t ovulate. I will start taking a medicine tonight to induce my period. Next cycle my doctor is doubling my Femara dosage and doing a mid cycle ultrasound. Here’s to a new and hopefully successful month!

UPDATE: 11/13

I had a mid cycle ultrasound today to see if the double dose of the Femara did any good! The doctor said my uterus is in the perfect condition for a baby and my endometrium had the perfect 3 lines that they look for! My right ovary had several follicles but they were too small. That’s my usual problem ovary so I didn’t expect much. My left though... one HUGE follicle, a decent sized one, and a bunch of smaller ones. I received a trigger shot so I will ovulate in the next 36 hours. I’ll get my progesterone drawn in a week to make sure I did ovulate (even though it’s pretty much a given) and I can take a pregnancy test in TWO WEEKS. Please send all the baby dust and patience my way! ❤️❤️ I’ll update y’all in a week!

UPDATE: 11/16

I know I’m only 3 dpo but I was having a few chocolates this evening. This was the wrapper for my first one.

From my earlier update you can see that right ovary was doing as it should but my left ovary was overachieving! I’m hoping this is our sign!! A few more days until my progesterone test. 💕

Update: 11/26

I woke up this morning knowing I could take a test. I wasn’t in the mood because I had been getting period symptoms for the last few days but I peed in a cup in case I wanted to test later. About 20 minutes before I needed to leave for work, I decided to take a test. I expected the worst. When I uncovered that test and saw TWO PINK LINES, I did the happiest of dances!! Y’all, I’m pregnant with my rainbow FINALLY ❤️🌈