I’m pretty sure i have PCOS. Havent been diagnosed yet but thats just my guess.

I have PRETTY irregular periods. Sometimes i’d get my period only two or three cycles a YEAR! Crazy right??? .... anyways, hubby and I started TTC a year ago. Its been impossible since i dont even know if i am ovulating... so i wanted to try Vitex. This is the one i got.

I have read that some woman take it every single day .... others take it first half of cycle, others second half of cycle, many women have different ways to take it.... so i am not sure what works best???? Main question is do i continue to take it even when i get my period??? Or stop and then continue once my period goes away?...

Also i heard ur supposed to take 1000Mg daily, is this correct????????

Any information u have on vitex please comment below!!

Thank you in advance. Wish me luck! And baby dust to you all.

*i wanna try anything on my own for now. If after 6+months still nothing, i will go to a Doctor for help.