I think I’ve turned the corner from scared to excited!


Don’t get me wrong, I’m VERY thankful and excited for our little baby boy to arrive in January.

This is our first baby and the timing isn’t the most ideal, but my husband always says he was told that “humans decide when to make love, and God decides when to make the babies”, so we rolled with the positive pregnancy test we got back in May!

No one close to me has ever been pregnant or had a baby, so I feel like I’m the most uninformed pregnant woman ever.

Tonight, I’m sitting in bed and the thought crosses my mind...

“I can’t wait to hold my little baby boy in my arms on nights like this!”

No worrying about how to do it or anything, just pure excitement! I think this is a great turning point, and I’m getting more and more ready for our little boy! 15 more weeks to go!