Possible allergy?


My daughter has had eczema since she's been an infant. Nothing crazy, just tiny bumps that look like whiteheads on her cheeks. When it was getting worse, we visited a dermatologist who told us to just use the hydrocortisone cream 2%, petroleum as a moisturizer, and use dove sensitive bar soap. It helped but didn't completely go away.

Fast forward to beginning of summer and it was worse. Thought maybe it was the sunscreen because now it's on her arms and legs. Went through a few different brands and remained the same. Then it was thinking heat rash, but now its cooler and still bad.

Its worse than ever right now. At her 18 month checkup, I brought it up and the doctor prescribed hydrocortisone and Aquaphor this time around and no help.

I've tried everything and numerous products. I'm starting to think maybe it's an allergy? Who knows? Called the doctor but she won't be in til Monday.

Anyone else gone through it? Don't know what else to do. Doesn't seem to affect her in any way.