My husbands not happy with me anymore

Jennifer • Mommy of a two year old 💙 and engaged 💘

27 weeks pregnant and my husband tells me he’s not happy with me. We’ve been having some problems since he started working again. He’s been going out every week once a week to go drink but won’t take his wife and son out for one day when he’s off for the weekend which bothers me because he says he’s tired. I know what y’all are gonna say he deserves it because he works but he’s not too tired to go out with his friend to drink but too tired to take his family out one day out of his days off. We’ve been asking him to take us to the beach and the day he wants to take us he makes it out to be like it’s so much for him to do knowing his son loves the beach. I’m pregnant with a little girl and we weren’t together while I was pregnant with our son, so I thought things would be different with this pregnancy and he’d actually wanna you have my stomach a lot more and he’d be asking about her and would actually would wanna go baby shopping with me but I was wrong. He says the reason he doesn’t want to is because he is scared about having a little girl because he thought he could only have boys and there’s always that 50/50 chance when getting pregnant he knew that. Then he started bringing up my ex and comparing himself to my ex. I complain because my husband buys 3 packs of cigarettes and then is buying more cigarettes in just a day because he shares them with his “buddies” at work. That’s way too much money to be spending on cigarettes. Maybe it’s just the hormones of being pregnant but I need some advice.