5 days late - bfn still.. Help!! 😪


I’m 5 days late and been doing hpt but they’re all negative...

My doctor said to wait another week.

I feel sore nipples, excessive saliva, urge to gag sometimes, and really light cramps occasionally.

Yesterday I wiped it there was really little light pink on my tissue paper. But it was just once and gone.

I miscarried twice in the past year.. so we’re ttc now. And I’ve been having regular periods so not sure why I’m late this time..maybe stress?

I’m also not sure when I ovulated or if I did at all. I started doing opk at cycle day 14 but didn’t get a “positive” til cycle day 24. Even on that day, my lines were just equal, not one darker than the other.

Any stories similar? Think it’s just a late period? Anyone have late bfp?