Incompetent Doctor's Office


After TTC for a year, I made an appointment with an OBGYN to start the process of getting a fertility workup. My doctor prescribed CD3 and CD21 bloodwork. I got the blood draws done on CD3, no problem.

CD21 comes along, I go to the lab and wait. And continue waiting for half an hour, until I asked the front desk where the lab technician was and why no one was being called. Turns out they called in sick, and no one saw fit to notify the dozen of us who were sitting around and waiting.

Okay, fine. I go to work, and leave early to return to the lab in the afternoon, after confirming that it was now open. After waiting another 45 minutes, I finally get called back for the bloodwork. Only now, the lab technician can't find the order from the doctor. It's 15 minutes before closing, and the doctor isn't answering her phone.

Now I'm standing here in the office, trying to hold back tears, with no idea what to do next. Infertility really sucks.