I could cry all day.

I’ve had a couple of crying fits today. Mainly from just being stressed. I’m four days late and we had a chemical pregnancy in July. All I can think about when I get stressed is how bad stress is and how I need to calm down and it just makes me more stressed. My husband is trying to lose weight and he’s eating so much less than he’s supposed to and won’t listen to me. And he had me taking care of the dogs tonight and I literally came inside and sat on the couch and it’s taking everything not to just sit here and cry. I feel the pressure of having a healthy pregnancy, finishing school, finding a better job, keeping a clean house, making sure he’s happy and it’s just too much. I know I need to “talk to him” and we have had talks. He says he’s going to do things and he just doesn’t. He was raised this way where his mom does everything and he does some eventually and his mom never really got mad at him about it. She even laughs about it. So I know this is something I pretty much signed up for. It’s just a bunch for me to handle right now. Then my friend is throwing in “maybe you’re about to start your period” NOT SOMETHING A TTC PERSON WANTS TO HEAR. 😔 I’m so down and I’ve tried yoga, meditation, warm baths, reading, etc. I’m trying everything to keep myself calm but it’s like I can’t control this other part of me that’s ready to rage.