50/50 Chance


Hey all, just posting to put it out there, maybe see if anyone had had a similar experience that came out positive and maybe get some encouragement/prayers/good vibes.

I am 6ish weeks pregnant. Thursday, while out of state, I went to the bathroom and had blood. It wasn't a lot so waited until the next day when we flew back to go see my OB/GYN. Didn't seem to concerned since it wasn't a lot, checked me and said it seemed to be mostly "old blood". Ordered blood work for my hormone levels and to be repeated today.

Sunday, woke up to blood in my underwear and it just seemed to be more so talked with my hubby and decided to go to the ER. Went in had an ultrasound and blood work for hormone levels. Hormone levels didn't go up as much as they should, think he said 1.5 times BUT the baby did have a heartbeat still. However, the heartbeat is low (105 instead of 140s). The conclusion is that baby had a 50/50 chance. I go in for more labs tomorrow and another ultrasound on Wednesday.

Y'all I am full of mixed emotions. I am so sad, I love our little chocolate chip so much already. I am trying to remain positive but at the same time it is so hard when the bleeding just continues so sometimes I feel like it's better to try not to hope but I CANNOT stop hoping that some miracle will happen and or little chocolate chip will be fine and make it the 9 months and come out healthy and happy.

Thank you to anyone reading this. Prayers for healthy pregnancies for everyone!!

UPDATE: I lost the baby today, thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Prayers for continued healthy pregnancies for everyone!