When do give up a relationship...

Here’s the scoop.. been in LDR for almost 4 years with an incredible man. Love him so much and I’m truly happy when I’m with him. He is sweet, kind, affectionate, fun, caring... everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy.

We have another almost two years before we can move closer to one another and this LDR thing is destroying me. I’m miserable and lonely all the time. I think about ending it because of how miserable I am but it sucks because it has nothing to do with him. We talked this afternoon and he said there’s a small (emphasizes small) chance he may have to relocate before the two years for work and that would drag out the date a little more.

Anyone else go thru something similar? When do you know to give someone you love a chance and when do you know to end it? I’m so miserable and the idea that we’d not work out kills me. But there’s no way to know for sure as nobody can tell the future and there’s nothing wrong with him! It’s the situation.