Hard pregnancy.. anyone with me?


I understand there’s a lot of symptoms that comes with being pregnant and everyone is different. My experience has been the hardest for me. The whole first trimester I suffered from nausea and vomiting, weight loss, no appetite, weird pregnancy body feelings no one really talks about, like feeling weird and out of place on top of all of the hormones.

I’m in my second trimester now (16 weeks) and the sickness has pretty much gone away. I no longer have been taking my nausea meds. I’m still not eating as much as I was when I wasn’t pregnant though. Now, I’m getting migraines almost every other day. Tylenol and soda doesn’t help. I took high sodium/ salts out my diet and started hydrating a lot more and it helped somewhat, but I feel like I’m suffering everyday. My body hurts more than any other workout I’ve ever done. Man... I’ve been crying so much because I’m uncomfortable and I feel like I’d be used to the symptoms by now, but I feel weak that I can’t suck it up and have more bad days than good. Everyone says I’d be feeling normal and for me it’s like I barely get a break. Is anyone with me? I just want to be babied by my mom or boyfriend 🙄