Advice about my boss and pregnancy UPDATE


So I work in a jail as a commissary supervisor. My job is to fill bags with items the inmates have ordered and deliver them. I have missed work before the pregnancy because of my truck being in the shop and 4 family members dying over the course of my time there. I always offer to bring proof if need be. He always said no. Well when I found out I was pregnant I told my boss because of my job and not being sure if I needed to tell the jail or not. The day I told him he gave me a speach about how I could do my job still and the jail had no restrictions on it but that despite his wife working until she delivered that I should consider no longer working there. I immediately diverted the conversation back to work. The a week or 2 later I was extremely nauseous and kept throwing up. I went to work anyway because the morning was inventory and I asked my boss if I could leave after inventory since I wasn't needed for the second part of the day. He again told me that this is what he ment by maybe I shouldn't be working here anymore and that I needed to strongly consider leaving. I again went back to the topic of work. So I had to call out today because I was bleeding yesterday and ended up in the er. The er doctor put me on restrictions and told me to follow up with my ob today. She further increased my restrictions to pelvic rest, to vigorous or repetitive movement, no bending, squatting, lifting, or extended activity because I am still bleeding and cramping but told me as long as my boss can follow those restrictions I could work. So I called my boss and updated him and asked if we could work around those restrictions (mind you I always work with another lady so we could easily break up the job to where I do the computer work and supervise the inmates filling bags and she does the actual delivering and manual labor). He informs me that I have to come to work tomorrow because technically given the past days I have missed he could fire me but that he really doesn't want to and that we will try to modify my job but that if he decides he cant then we will have to discuss my future at the company. At this point I am passed and dont know how to handle this. My husband said I should call hr tomorrow.

Any advice is welcome!

So I woke up for work and found someone had smashed my truck window. So i called my boss to inform him and he fired me instead. I have already called hr and filed a complaint.